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Chromatt is a small graphic design studio with a focus on corporate identity- and web layout design. Chroma and matte are merged together to describe the complex nature of the graphic design process. The colours with high chroma are vibrant, while matte refers to the restraint of colours. There is a certain degree of opposition between the two components of the name, to refer to the seemingly contradictory nature of our style. However, this opposition is not a definite, extreme contradiction, but rather acts as a conceptual contrast as the shape and the colour contrast creates harmonious surfaces. The duality of the name also reflects to the duality of the workflow. The purity of the colour represents an arranged and clear workflow, while the matte refers to an elegant, subtle surface treatment. The design doesn’t want to impress neither with ostentatious colours nor prolific shapes, but with a calm, pleasant, and -most of all- with mature artwork.

Hajnalka László

Hajnalka LÁSZLÓ

Graphic Designer and Artist
pointer Miercurea Ciuc, RO
+40 742 380 071